The Different Types of PUMA Shoes for You

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There are a lot of sports shoes out there that will make you wonder; how can they be compared to each other? Especially PUMA shoes, where you can find different types of shoes in the store that will make you sit down and think for a while. Scroll down to read about the differences between running shoes, walking shoes, and sneakers.

  • Running Shoes

According to this article, running shoes are made specifically for running (obviously), and they are much more flexible than walking shoes. Running shoes serve several purposes, and designers work hard to keep them up to date with the latest materials and technologies. You have a lot of options for different running styles and demands. The degree of cushioning varies, ranging from minimalist designs for racing to cushioned shoes for long-distance running like PUMA shoes.

  • Walking Shoes

Compared to running shoes, walking shoes are stiffer than running shoes. This is why fitness walkers are recommended to go for running shoes instead. On the other hand, walking shoes have traditionally underperformed in terms of technology and have been built for comfort rather than performance. Cushioned shoes may contribute to increased leg stiffness. These may suffice if you require comfy PUMA shoes for short hikes and walking at a leisurely pace. Walking shoe heels are more bevelled.

  • Sneakers

Sneakers are generally divided into two types: casual and sporty. People typically wear casual sneakers as streetwear or as business-casual shoes. Athletic sneakers and running shoes have certain similarities. Both provide required cushioning, arch support, heel and collar padding, and other features. The top of athletic sneakers is generally made of leather for a supportive fit since they give support for sideways motions. Running shoes, on the other hand, have a designed mesh top for increased ventilation.


Even if you’re still confused about the differences or want to look for something else, head over to any nearby PUMA store, and our lovely staff will guide you about other PUMA shoes. Visit our PUMA website at where you can further analyse our whole catalogue.  

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