Make Your MILO® Special With These Combinations

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Whether in a can or a sachet in a MILO 3-in-1, we all love to drink MILO® on many occasions. But are you looking forward to making your good cup of MILO® interesting? Here are some ingredients that you can mix and match with your MILO® for an extraordinary experience.

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MILO® and Cereal

The enriched chocolate goodness in a cup of MILO® goes surprisingly well with the crunch of cereal. Simple cereals such as corn flakes can give a unique texture to our usual cup of MILO®. 

Drinking MILO® with cereal can never be easier! Just like how you would take your regular grains in the morning, substitute the milk with a cup of chilled MILO®. You can have your serving in a bowl or sip the delicious goodness in a cup.

We suggest plain cornflakes or any other type of cereal that is not heavily flavoured. A blank canvas can help complement the chocolate richness in MILO® that different flavours will not mask. 

MILO® and Oats

Boost up the fibre in your breakfast with this unique combination. Whether you have instant oats or rolled oats, just put a few heaping tablespoons of it in your hot mug of MILO®, and you’ll have a hearty and satisfying breakfast.

Oats can give your MILO® drink an exciting texture. Instant oats, for instance, will lend a thicker consistency to your malt chocolate drink. Just a good cup of MILO® and oats can get you all pumped up to get through the rest of the day.

Aside from its taste and texture, oats also provide you with all the fibre benefits your digestive system needs. It can also help reduce cholesterol levels and make you feel fuller, so you don’t starve very quickly as you go into the day. A long-lasting fullness can help you plan your diet better throughout the day.

MILO® and Vanilla Ice-Cream

Want something decadent and sweet to go along with your MILO®? A good scoop of vanilla ice cream can be just the answer!

Vanilla and chocolate is an ideal combination when it comes to desserts. The bittersweetness of the cocoa mixed with the dairy richness in a vanilla ice cream makes up a wonderful sweet bowl that you can treat yourself with.

Give your vanilla ice cream an excellent MILO® tastiness now. You can opt to put a few scoops of vanilla ice cream in a cold cup of MILO® or sprinkle MILO® right from your MILO® 3-in-1 sachet on top of your dessert. With two simple ingredients, you’ll have yourself a fulfilling treat!

What are you waiting for? Try these additions with your MILO® today! For more information about Malaysia’s most loved chocolate malt beverage, visit now. 

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